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Confidence – Leading The Life You Really Want!

Conference, music, art, buffet

& welcome drinks

At the D! Club in Lausanne

Build your confidence and get more clarity to RISE.FLY.SHINE

Mofoluwaso Ilevbare


Fofo works with people who are ready to achieve high performance in their personal and professional goals so they are more confident at work and happier in life.

Join  this lively and highly energising evening and discover the

* 10 habits of highly confident people

* key strategies to personal power

* goal setting

Finish the year stronger than you’ve ever been.

Who is Mofoluwaso?

She is a Confidence & Peak Performance Coach. She has also co-authored three bestsellers and recently published the Confidence Journal For Career Women.

She’s a mentor to many career women and shares this passion also with the Cherie Blair Women Foundation and her two non-profit organisations Women Connected By Purpose Initiative  Women Inspiring Women Foundation.

Themes of the evening:

* * * Leading with Passion * * *

* * * Leading with Purpose * * *

* * * Leading with Power * * *

To surround Fofo we wanted to have special artists in the coherence of her heart and energy.

We are very happy to present:

Gospel Sound Lausanne
Heart touching group of local gospel singers who will perform for you a few songs « a capella ».

Barbara Turney Wieland
A suprising and complete artist. You will discover her art as well as her new passion, poetry.

Joanie Waelti
She one day fell in love with India and now sells her beautiful pictures to help children in their education.

South Gate
Five great and generous young talents who will interprete a few pieces of jazzy music after the conference.

Gospel Sound Lausanne is a choir composed of amateur singers, who are passionate, curious and happy to explore different styles of gospel music together. A precious energy source for every member of the group, is to bring alive the gospel’s liberating spirit. Beyond the music, it’s also a kind of well-being and happiness that the singers try to share with the public during the concerts.

The choir comes from a gospel workshop created by the EJMA School from Lausanne (Ecole de Jazz et de Musique Actuelle). Today, the choir is independent and works as an association direcrted by  a very talented, young musician and choir director, Calen Gayle.

Gospel Sound is looking for new singers who have the passion to sing and to learn. Because every repetition is a new occasion to learn from the music and also from each other.


Barbara Turney Wieland is an artist&painter who always described herself as « a frustrated writer who paints instead ».

She finally found the courage and inspiration to start gathering the words that have been flying around inside her head and began putting them to paper about a year ago.

Satisfied, she can now say that she is starting to be published too.

She lives and works in Switzerland with her family but hails from the UK and Australia.



Joanie Waelti


The reason why Joanie Waelti is curious about and linked to India resides in a professional experience she had with Indian colleagues. She visited India for the first time in 2007 and quickly became fond of its cultural diversity, inhabitants friendliness and some magnificent and enchanting monuments and locations. That’s why she has been back every year since.

India captivates and moves, it talks to her heart and soul and just became a part of her year after year. So much so that she wants to bring something back to India when she travels. That’s how the non-profit Pictures of India was born. This year a special Pictures of India 2017 calendar with guest photographers will be printed.

She finds her motivation in the positive energy and confidence India and her Indian friends provide.

Pictures of India

It’s during a cool October night that South Gate is born, after intensive dithering on the name to give this new group, which consists of Fred, Florian, Daniel, Sylvain and Francesco, aged 13 to 15 year old. From that moment on these five young dreamers launch their first compositions and interpret cover songs from other artists.

Time passes and South Gate finds its way into the business of music, catching here and there opportunities of giving a concert, participating to contests and working independently as well as collectively with the aim to produce music which reflects their personality and is nice to share.

After seven years the group continues to perform on different « vaudois » stages offering a happy melting-pot of rock, jazz, funk and hip-hop, all this with their beautiful energy and the strength of their passion.


Special and warm thanks to our co-creators for making this event a very special one

For the fantastic clothes & accessories :

C – K – L  Z

For the incredible local & bio buffet:

Be Oh !

For their precious help:

Kenza, BusyWomen Lausanne

Shannon, Music programmer

Our Sponsor:


For the special place:

Thierry, director D! Club, Club ABC & Les Arches

& all his team

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